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So many elements add up to create your “brand” – logo, colors, type fonts, packaging, product design – and the overall experience of interacting with your brand – in print, in person, in advertising. Your “brand” is an amalgam of inputs that combine to make a promise that the consumer can expect certain things about the brand and that the products it represents can be counted on. And a key element that can’t be forgotten is how all that comes together in the retail environment.

When a consumer enters a store, they’re bombarded with inputs – visual, aural, an often overwhelming variety of products. So what determines what product gets their attention? Familiarity with the “brand” can be a major contributor. All those elements mentioned above come into play. So the point of purchase fixture or display that presents the products must be consistent with – and reinforce – those elements.

In many ways it’s easier for an established brand to create its impression at retail. The logo is familiar. The product design is readily recognized. The packaging looks the same as it always has. But it’s still critical that its display presentation on the retail floor or shelf reinforces that brand promise. Break it, and the door may open to competing products.

For an emerging brand the job is harder. All those elements aren’t yet familiar. There are multiple competing products all vying for the consumer’s attention. So it’s critical that all the pieces fit and that the overall message conveyed adds up to create an appealing brand experience.

It’s impossible to overemphasize how important and valuable your brand is. Make sure it carries all the way through to the point of purchase display. That’s where it ultimately passes into the consumer’s hands.

Here are a few reflections that might help ensure that your “brand” and your point of purchase displays combine to make the best possible impression at retail:

Be Consistent With Your Brand

The consumer is easily swayed. Make sure that every brand impression that your product makes carries your brand message in familiar – or at least consistent – visual terms.

Dom Perignon is perhaps the most renowned Champagne in the world. So its retail displays must carry forward that reputation. This high
gloss wood and acrylic display provides a dramatic and compelling stage, while the ice bucket adds a nice touch of context. This display also features lighting below the bottle and in the ice bucket. Too bad it wasn’t turned on…

Your Brand Don Perignon floorstanding retail display

Keep The Display for Your Brand Neat

While you can’t control how a retailer will stock your point of purchase display, make sure that it’s easily merchandised and easy to shop.

Superfeet is the leading after market insole in the performance, sporting goods, and outdoor markets. The display on the right shows a dramatic array of product that is easy to shop and provides the retailer with high value per square foot.

Your Brand Superfeet floorstanding displays

Your Brand First

Make sure that, even if other companies’ products wind up on your point of purchase display, it’s strongly branded. At worst it will ensure that there’s still a brand impression.

No doubt Eagle Creek would have preferred that only their products would be displayed on this floor display. But at least their name is prominent.

Your Brand Eagle Creek Floorstanding Display

Understand the Context Surrounding Your Brand’s Display

When designing a new point or purchase display, take the context into account. Make sure that your display fits in that context, but still stands out.

This Shoe Wall in an outdoor outfitter in Hood River, OR displays multiple brands. Some are clearly more prominent than others. And some make a much more dramatic brand statement.

Brooks stands out because of the Headers and Banner. But the multiple logos and different Shoe Shelves are a distraction.

Your Brand Brooks Wall Sign

Salomon carves out its own space with a wall panel topped by a large logo. This display also adds lifestyle imagery and feature benefit information. The mirror at the base adds an element of function to which retailers always respond positively. The end result is that Salomon stands out as the category leader. Its brand is emphasized; its products glorified. This is a point of purchase display that performs multiple functions – all contributing to a powerful overall brand statement.

Your Brand Salomon Platinum Wall Retail Display

Do You Need Point of Purchase Displays?

If you, or your company, are new to the world of Point of Purchase Displays, and you are looking to create a program for your company or product, let Concept Designs help.  We have over 20 years experience designing, engineering, and managing the production of custom retail displays.  We would love to hear from you.

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