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Superfeet freestanding floor display

Superfeet Floor Standing Display

When Superfeet developed a new brand identity, new products, and new packaging, we rounded out those efforts with a new Floor Standing Display. Superfeet had several requirements for the new display. It had to accommodate up to 120 pairs of boxed product. It needed to provide feature benefit information on a removable frame that could also function on slat wall. The frame also needed to dispense product brochures. The clean, architectural look of the new brand image needed to be reinforced. As the brand expands its presence beyond its traditional sporting goods base, the new displays serve as a strong bridge between Superfeet’s past and future.

Superfeet dress fit tower

Superfeet Dress Fit Tower

Superfeet’s demands for this project were two-fold: flexible and affordable. The display needed to adapt to the specific needs and specifications of a range of different retailers. More specifically, it had to adapt to comfortably hold a range of product volumes (anywhere from 40 to 125 units), while looking neither sparse nor crowded. Although dubbed the Dress Fitâ„¢ display, this system has to adapt to different sizes of packaging to accommodate Superfeet’s entire line of products. Mobility and brand-ability are key for retailers. In an effort to establish itself in the mind of the customer, Superfeet requested strong, unique brand identity support for this display. Reaction to this system by Superfeet and their retailers was overwhelmingly positive. Not only was their long list of criteria met, the display also managed to function as a unified whole, while meeting Superfeet’s tight price requirements. The flexibility of this display allows Superfeet to place it in any of their participating retail chains and know that it will fit their needs.

Superfeet fan display

Superfeet Footbed Fan Display

With a wide variety of replaceable insoles on the market, Superfeet required an eye-catching POP display that allowed the customer to compare three different footbeds side-by-side. The display had to provide clear descriptions of each product through graphic support and take-away literature. The construction must be durable to withstand demanding retail environments. The display should accommodate interchangeable graphics and easily allow the product to be updated. The footprint must be small and adaptable to countertop, slatwall and gridwall. Superfeet is enthusiastic about the display’s ability to position an array of their products in front of the customer. The playful “foot forms” capture the spirit of the company while providing visual placement cues of the product. The simplicity and flexibility of the display clearly positions Superfeet as a leader in the insole market.

Superfeet kaiser display

Superfeet Kaiser Display

Superfeet, the leading purveyor of high quality insoles, is broadening its base in the medical market. Kaiser Medical Centers represent a significant opportunity for Superfeet to cement that leadership position. They sought a dispensing tower that could fit within the crowded confines of a Kaiser Hospital pharmacy. The requirements included single or double sided dispensing, small footprint, high density, and sturdy construction. The display had to accommodate off-the-shelf or custom slat wall hooks. It had to allow easily interchanged graphic headers. It needed to include both casters and glides. The long term goal was to expand the use of the display into other retail venues as well as Kaiser. The displays rolled out to Kaiser Hospital pharmacies where they were an instant success, leading Superfeet to examine ways to adapt the displays to other retailers. A re-order followed shortly after the initial rollout.

Superfeet merchandising center display stand

Superfeet Merchandising Center

Create a completely modular display system to hold varying amounts of product, product information, take-away literature, and fit a pre-existing Footbed Sizer. Components of the system should also work for retailers who wish to set up a smaller Superfeet center on slatwall. A flexible racking system should accommodate a variety of stocked SKU combinations. It may be a one or two-sided freestanding or wall system. Each component was designed to work as a complete system or as a stand-alone display. The entire system works with the preexisting Footbed Sizer, which had limited placement on its own due to its large size and modest “return” on real estate. Now the system works well together, with increased product sell-through. Changeable graphics keep the display current and updated. Informational pages are provided to help educate the consumer and sales staff about the benefits of orthopedic insoles. High quality materials and construction bolster Superfeet’s image at retail. Superfeet’s tagline and website are prominently placed on the frosted acrylic header.

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