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Sherpa Adventure Gear Logo Countertop Bracelet Rack Jewelry Display Mt Everest

When Sherpa Adventure Gear (SAG) approached Concept Designs (CDI) to design both the packaging and the countertop display for their Mayalu bracelets, there was excitement about the cultural elementsSherpa Adventure Gear Mayalu Jewelry Bracelet Packaging that they brought into the space. Mayalu stands for “love of my heart”, inspired by the necklace that Hindu grooms adorn their brides with to signify their union. The dark wood, the endless knot in their logo, the story behind the bracelets, and the handcrafted bracelets themselves gave guidance on how to proceed.

The display was designed to match elements found in their flagship store in Kathmandu and portray a high-quality furniture piece. A dark-stained wood was chosen for the display frame and wood slats. A black oxide look for the metal hooks added to the old world feel associated with the culture of Nepal. Flexibility was added to the display in the form of a slotted frame for interchangeable graphics, and straddle-able hooks. The hook design allowed for the display’s double-sided capacity of up to 40Sherpa Adventure Gear Mayalu Jewelry Bracelet Booklet Packaging bracelets in a 15.5″ by 4″ footprint. CDI worked with SAG to find an economical way to keep the prayer wheel element that was used in other pieces of their display family. SAG provided a prayer wheel graphic to be wrapped around the display’s spin-able cylinder. The red and white endless knot logo can be seen clearly, at the foot of the frame, on both sides of the display.

But before SAG even made a decision to move forward with the countertop display, they wanted to see our packaging design abilities. The simple shape of the 2-layer booklet was both economical and worked well to fit the bracelet’s story told inSherpa Adventure Gear Mayalu Jewelry Bracelet Brad Packaging French, German and English. A 3rd card stock top-layer provided 2 types of bracelet “holders”. The loop version worked well with bracelets that held their shape, and the slot version allowed more pliable bracelets to hang elegantly. Texture and pattern choices played an important part in extending the feel of the handcrafted bracelets. CDI recommended the use of brass brads to secure the display card layers. SAG embossed each brad with their endless knot logo and finished the look with a “Handmade in Nepal” stamp.

But the “Handcrafted in Nepal” stamp is more than just the last step to a finished look. Sherpa Adventure Gear is known to be a “small brand that can change the world”. Click here to see how Sherpa Adventure Gear is doing just that by making corporate social responsibility look effortless.


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