PART I – Your Retail Display Program: A Strong Game Plan For the Win

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Your Retail Display Program: Get a Strong Game Plan for the Win

Are you running your retail display program right? There are a bevy of players and pages of plays. This three-part series checklist should help guide your team through the game of running a winning retail display program.


PART I: Audience & Design

Retail Display Program Audience: Are You Winning Over the Right Crowd?

Your Retail Display Program: Get a Strong Game Plan for the Win ☑  What is your target demographic and psychographic?

☑  What problem of your target demographic are you solving?
☑  Why is your target audience looking for a solution?
☑  What kind of experience are you looking to give your target audience?

☑  What look and feel would you like the display to convey to your target audience?

Knowing your customer’s data in relation to the rest of the population is not enough. Knowing what your customer is interested in, what your customer believes in and why your customer behaves the way they do helps you to create retail displays that are in line with the right crowd for your product and brand.


Retail Display Program Design: Are You In the Presence of a Champion?

☑  Would product messaging be best explained graphically, or through video?

☑  Are you able to display the product out of the package so that the customer can interact with the product? Will it need to dispense packaged product and need to be secured in any way?

☑  Will your display store fixtures be durable enough for the length of time it will be in the store?

☑  Are you looking for a modular display that can adapt to different products and can change over time to different areas of the store, i.e. a slat-wall adaptor that allows a countertop display to be a wall display?

☑  Will your display make the most of the manufacturer’s material size and at the same time be able to be packaged efficiently?

Your Retail Display Program: Get a Strong Game Plan for the WinThrough design and through the information provided along with it, fixtures in retail store environments can highlight your product’s key differentiators. They can highlight how they are an improvement above other products in the same category. Allowing the product to be touched and encouraging interaction helps support why your product is better. It adds to the customer experience. With the increase in interaction, the durability of the display needs to be considered. To keep the level of interaction steady, the modularity of the display should be considered as well. Another design factor to consider is how your fixtures and displays can be packed out most efficiently to keep shipping costs down. Knowing how many display parts can be formed from a sheet of metal is just as important as designing a display that packs well and is well-protected within the carton requirements of the shipper.


Coming Soon…Part II: Budget & Timing

Do You Need Point of Purchase Displays?

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