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Sugoi Display System

Sugoi Performance Apparel is one of the most respected providers of high quality, high performance cycling and running apparel. They sought to expand their retail reach and enhance their market presence by developing a new, comprehensive point of purchase display system. Sugoi’s goals included: To provide a family of strongly branded, cohesive display elements that could serve individually or as a group. To establish a strong presence in the crowded retail environments where their products are sold. To help carve out a Sugoi-centric area on a store’s wall. The strongly branded display family provides a highly flexible approach to displaying Sugoi’s apparel. By supplying a flexible family of elements, this system gives the retailer a wide variety of ways to merchandise Sugoi product. The unique suspension mechanism sets the displays apart and conveys movement, strength and lasting quality. The strong graphic approach in which the Sugoi name and color scheme are repeated on the floor and wall provide powerful branding impressions. This display family strengthened Sugoi’s existing retail base and helped open many new doors.

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