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Bell branded galvanized steel graphic and mirror wall frame display

Bell Figurehead Retail Display

To provide their retailers with an additional tool to help educate consumers and promote sales, they asked Concept Designs to design a pair of wall frames. We conceived two frames. The single frame can hold a printed graphic or mirror and is ideal for smaller retailers or for those with severely limited space. A larger, three panel “triptych” can also hold a mirror or graphic in the center, flanked by two additional graphics in the side wings. Both are fashioned from clear powder coated steel. An embossed logo badge, made from hot-dipped galvanized steel and riveted to the face, provides a signature branding statement and a strong tie to Bell’s roots. They proved so popular for Bell’s bicycle dealers that they were soon adapted for their motorsports dealers as well.

Bell branded floor standing helmet tree retail display

Bell Compact Helmet Tower

Responding to requests from both domestic and international retailers, Bell required a means to display from 12 to 16 bike helmets on a strongly branded, yet compact, “tree”. The display needed to accommodate existing powder coated steel helmet holders. The display had to be easy to assemble and ship in UPS-able boxes. Concept Designs conceived a diamond-shaped steel column, all 4 sides slotted at intervals to accept helmet holders at varying heights. The column mounts to an oblong black mdf base. The Bell logo is repeated on a 2-sided rotatable header and on 2 decals affixed to the base. Bike retailers responded enthusiastically to this latest member of the Bell display family. The initial order of “trees” was quickly placed. European retailers in particular appreciate Bell’s response to their challenge of limited space.

Bell branded single helmet display with feature benefit card

Bell Helmet Bracket Display

Bell required a simple, cost-effective Helmet Holder that could span that range of retailers. It needed to be simple, sturdy, and strongly branded. It also needed to accommodate optional shelf talkers that describe the specific helmet displayed. This powder coated steel Helmet Holder meets all of Bell’s needs. The simple, bent steel form is functional and durable, supporting the full range of Bell products, from their high end road bike helmets to their full-face off-road mountain bike helmets. A Bell logo decal is adhered to the face plate. A slotted bend in the face plate allows interchangeable shelf talkers to be easily inserted. The Helmet Holders function on slat wall, as well as on Bell’s Helmet Tree and Helmet Cart (also designed by Concept Designs).

Bell branded helmet cart with adjustable mirror

Bell Helmet Cart

The requirements for this new Cart included: Flexible capacity – Needed to hold up to 30 boxed helmets. Mix of materials to match the look and feel of a new display family. Accommodate up to 6 sample helmets, displayed out of the box on existing Bell helmet holders. Incorporate adjustable mirror. Graphic lifestyle opportunities. Small footprint and mobility. Strong branding to emphasize the Bell brand (and discourage other brands from “sharing” the cart). Durable construction. Needs to last at least 3 years. Easy to assemble and packable in UPS shippable boxes.

Bell branded wall system with vinyl banners, graphic mirror frame, helmet riser

Bell Wall System

Bell sought to further reinforce their leadership position in independent bicycle retailers with a comprehensive wall display system.The goals for the program included: To provide a family of strongly branded, cohesive display elements that could serve individually or as a group. To establish a strong presence in the crowded retail environments in which their products are sold. To help carve out a Bell-centric area on a store’s slat wall or grid wall.The elements of the system were to include a Logo Sign, Wall Mirror, Graphic Frame, “Risers” (to accommodate helmets in boxes on the floor or on slat wall), and a pair of Banners with lifestyle graphics and logos.

Bell branded wall system with vinyl banners, graphic mirror frame, helmet riser

Bell Powersports Helmet Tower

Design a modular, expandable, flexible tower display that could accommodate up to 24 motorcycle helmets. Incorporate helmet shelves that could mount to the tower or to slat wall or slat grid. Ideally the shelves would display the helmets face out or on an angle. Provide strong branding for the respected Bell name. Allow for interchangeable Feature Benefit cards for individual helmets. Due to limited space in motorcycle dealerships, keep the footprint of the tower small. Through materials and design, reinforce Bell’s leadership position in the helmet market. The display had its initial introduction at Dealer Expo in Indianapolis, which gave it a strong endorsement. The response was so strong that the initial order for the tower grew by 40%. The displays have been a great success and a re-order followed shortly after the initial rollout.

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