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I would definitely recommend Concept Designs to other people. We have always found their designs to be innovative and they always have a good concept of the look that Superfeet is aiming towards in the retail environment. From a production standpoint, their product is always top quality and all of the various details such as assembly instructions are always well thought-out and executed.Derek Schauer
Derek SchauerSuperfeet
I would recommend CDI for many reasons – for example: · A willingness to really collaborate with their clients on projects – they listen well. · Good design work, always presenting more than one creative option. · An understanding of what will actually work and what won’t (engineering expertise). · Industry experience and a solid body of work for many different types of clients.Peter Mannos
Peter MannosBrooks
We always recommend Concept Designs to other vendors and to those who are having trouble with coming up with new display ideas and need someone better. Great service, fair prices, and detail oriented. They are able to really listen to the manufacturer and translate that into action.Evan Wert
Evan WertIcebug
We would most certainly recommend Concept Designs and have already done so. Concept Designs understands the entire process and has helped us achieve our goals – and they can certainly to this for you!Mike Gazzano
Mike GazzanoDelta Electronics